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VINTAGE & TROPICALIA Surfing the retro waves of music

Gdynia Radio – a world in a good tone!

This is Gdynia Radio! An online radio from the beautiful south coast of the Baltic Sea. We play for your pleasure from Trójmiasto or Tricity – The Gdynia, Sopot and Gdańsk agglomeration (Poland) – serving a smooth blend of tropical rhythms and timeless melodies – evergreens and little-known pearls.

You will find here a lot of diverse music and a eclectic variety of styles we are in love with – mainly the good things from the past decades. Afro-cuban, latin, brazilian and caribbean, latin jazz, jazz, hard bop, swing, big band, blues, rhythm’n’blues, folk, rock’n’roll, calypso, reggae, ska, mod jazz, britpop, pop, soul, funk, lounge, chillout, electronica, indie, new wave, neo-retro (electroswing, electrotango), tango, the World Music like flamenco, fado, the african, middle eastern, hindu and other great vibes from now and yesterday.

Beside the awesome international and intergenerational music – in the journalistic part we’ll provide news, interviews and reports from the coast – mainly from our cities and their vicinity. But not only. We are interested in what good is going on the whole globe. Because we don’t want to follow the rule ”bad news are good news” we would like to spread to and from the world mainly good news. Our philosophy is to share with You as much positive vibrations as possible!



Do you like what we play and how we play? Do you enjoy this kind of radio? Yes? Then would be great if you could support us so we can keep surfing the retro – playing good songs from the past and so we can continue sending more positive vibrations to the world. How will You can help? Become our Patron! Soon We’ll write more about it here:


Gdynia Radio – your online radio!

a radio in the internet

How to listen

Listen to the audio stream in our player under the red button RADIO PLAYER at the bottom of the web browser’s window with our website. Our player allows to reproduce our audio stream in an uninterrupted way while browsing the pages of our site or others sites and social networks like Facebook, Instagram Twitter, Tumblr, etc. on the internet. Also using their apps on smartphones and tablets.

For the optimal functionality of our player use the most recent version of the internet browser. In our website’s footer we have added four different additional players for the users with older browsers. If you can’t play the stream on any of them on your mobile phone or tablet, then please upgrade the actual version of the web browser (download and install the newest version) as soon as possible.

Also, you can find us in aprox. 30 radio apps for smartphones / tablets – e.g. in the popular and free application / program TuneIn (iOS, Android, Windows). Our direct link there:


You can find us on mobile and stationary devices:

– computers
– smartphones and tablets
– radios, smart TV, tuners audio hifi (wifi)
– car radios*
*with the mobile phone connected to the car radio (bluetooth, fm-transmitter or stereo cable earphones-aux/linein).

Gdynia Radio broadcasts in accordance with the european time zone:

– Since last sunday of October according to Central European Time (winter time)  CET/GMT+1/UTC+1
– Since last sunday of March according to Central European Summer Time  CEST/GMT+2/UTC+2.


Verify the actual time in Poland


Here we go

Where’s the internet there’s Gdynia Radio! Webcasting in 128kbs mp3 stereo quality.

What you can listen to and see now is a test transmision and a page in evolution. At now we are checking the servers and technical stuff, completing team of journalists and cooperators. We will let you know when we’ll start for good, at full steam. It’s just a matter of time so stay tuned..!

Please, visit and follow our main social media on Instagram and Facebook. We are on Twitter and Tumblr also. Share it, give us a LIKE and say a good word about us to your friends – good music lovers like all us!

Thanks for visiting our website. Hope you’ll be back soon and listen to our radio again. Greetings from Poland!

The Gdynia Radio Team
”Gdynia Radio – The world in good tone!” ® 

Check out our schedule > Ramówka and our radio shows:
Muzyka (Music) , Publicystyka (journalistic)



Gdynia Radio – from the south coast of The Baltic Sea

Advice Notes

The copyright to the played and showed material (audio, video, graphic and text) belong to their respective authors / owners.

Dear listeners, We offer and present to You the fruits of work and talent of great music artists – inspiring works from many places and times. Examples  from past and contemporary music genres – today, less frequent guests in main media. Our mission and goal is to remind to the elder and present to the younger generations that good music, interesting art and other notable creative manifestations of human activity.
As you probably have noticed, We focus on playing and presenting positive, beautiful and pleasant things. In good tone, good mood and humour. Things interesting and wise, not snooty and bumptious. Simple but not boorish and coarse. We direct our proposals to mature and open-minded people. Therefore, not avoiding those more difficult, more demanding creations – within a formula and a range of music genres proposed.

As an eclectic radio we love to mix and blend different music, many genres (ok, not all) but the extreme, provocative and vanguard cases from the music world (in our subjective assessment) We treat as curiosities and not consider as part of our main music offer.
However, as these can arouse different emotions – especially in younger or more sensitive people – we feel obliged to warn that in that rare cases the presented materials may contain controversial, explicit, disturbing content (lyrics, images, statements, sounds). Therefore, we would like to inform, although it is obvious, that „the coffee may be hot” and however the above may concern a few cases, it is recommended to consider parental control. We suggest a minimum age of 15 (or that in accordance with the laws in force in your country) for independent listening.


Gdynia Radio – Vintage & Tropicalia

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Social Media

Follow our social networks and our publications there. We are on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook – needless to say, every „Like” is warmly welcomed 😉

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